Canadian Citizenship Preparation Test 20

For Immigration Canadian Citizenship Test

1. When is D-Day?
A. June 6, 1943
B. June 6, 1944
C. June 8, 1944
D. June 8, 1945

2. When is Christmas?
A. December 24
B. December 25
C. December 26
D. December 31

3. How a bill become a law?
A. The bill receives royal assent after being passed by both Houses.
B. The bill receives royal assent after being passed by Senate.
C. The bill receives royal assent after committee members study the bill clause by clause.
D. The bill receives royal assent after committee members debate and vote on the bill.

4. Who is Norman Jewison?
A. Canadian novelist.
B. Canadian musician.
C. Canadian filmmaker.
D. Canadian poet.

5. What is Curling?
A. It is the second most popular sport in Canada.
B. It has the most registered players of any game in Canada.
C. It is an ancient sport first played by Aboriginals.
D. It is an ice game introduced by Scottish pioneers.

6. When did the federal government placed Aboriginal children in residential school?
A. 1800s to 1980s
B. 1800s to 1970s
C. 1800s to 1960s
D. 1800s to 1950s

7. What RCAF stands for?
A. Royal Canada Air Force
B. Royal Canadian Air Force
C. Royal Canadian Aircraft Force
D. Royal Canadian Air Flight

8. Who was called a great fronier hero, Mounted Policeman and soldier of the Queen?
A. Sir Sam Steele
B. Gabriel Dumont
C. Sir Arthur Currie
D. Sir Wilfrid Laurier

9. Who are Marshall Mcluhan and Harold Innis?
A. Canadian writers.
B. Canadian artists.
C. Olympic medal winners.
D. Canadian pioneer thinkers.

10. What do we do in Remembrance Day?
A. Wear the red poppy.
B. Observe a moment of silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
C. Wear the red hat.
D. Both A and B.

11. Which province is the smallest province?
A. Prince Edward Island
B. Nova Scotia
C. New Brunswick
D. Newfoundland and labrador

12. Who is the 1st french-canadian prime minister?
A. Sir John A. Macdonald
B. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
C. Sir Leonard Tilley
D. Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine

13. Who granted the Hudson's Bay Company exclusive trading rights over the watershed drainging into Hudson Bay in 1670?
A. Pierre de Monts
B. King Francis I of France
C. King Charles II of England
D. Jacques Cartier

14. Which sports is introduced by Scottish pioneers?
A. Hockey
B. Basketball
C. Canadian football
D. Curling

15. What is 'women's suffrage movement'?
A. The effort by women to achieve the right to vote.
B. Its founder in Canada was Dr. Emily Stowe.
C. Manitoba became the first province to grant voting rights to women in 1916.
D. All of the above.

16. Who was an elected official and Father of Confederation from New Brunswick?
A. Sir Leonard Tilley
B. Sir √Čtienne-Paschal Tach√©
C. Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine
D. Sir John A Macdonald

17. Who is Anglophones?
A. People who speak German as their first language.
B. People who speak Chinese as their first language.
C. People who speak French as their first language.
D. People who speak English as their first language.

18. When did Nunavut join into the Dominion?
A. 1999
B. 1949
C. 1905
D. 1898

19. What do we call the people who speak French as a first language?
A. Indigenous
B. Anglophones
C. Francophones
D. Acadians

20. Who can you ask for help if you cannot pay for a lawyer?
A. Your family and friends
B. The government
C. Your neighbourhood community
D. Legal aid services

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