Canadian Citizenship Preparation Test 26

How to prepare Canadian Citizenship Test

1. Who scored the winning goal for Canada in the Canada-Soviet Summit Series?
A. Paul Henderson
B. Terry Fox
C. Mark Tewksbury
D. Donovan Bailey

2. Where did the "Loyalists" settle in when the American Revolution happened?
A. Nova Scotia and Vancouver
B. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
C. Nova Scotia and Quebec
D. British Columbia and Quebec

3. Which province is Canada's main financial centre?
A. British Columbia
B. Toronto
C. Vancouver
D. Ontario

4. Which Act allowed religious freedom for Catholics and permitted them to hold public office in Province of Quebec?
A. Constitutional Act
B. Quebec Act
C. British North American Act
D. Canada Health Act

5. What does 'A mari usque ad mare' mean?
A. In Latin means "from sea to sea".
B. In Latin means "from ocean to ocean".
C. In Latin means "from land to sea".
D. In Latin means "from land to ocean".

6. Who is the greatest hockey player and played for the Edmonton Oilers?
A. Catriona Le May Doan
B. Rick Hansen
C. James Naismith
D. Wayne Gretzky

7. When did Magna Carta sign?
A. 1213
B. 1215
C. 1217
D. 1219

8. How many people speak English as a first language?
A. 16 millions
B. 17 millions
C. 18 millions
D. 19 millions

9. Who is Emily Carr?
A. Famous artist who painted the forests and Aboriginal artifacts of the West Coast.
B. Celebrated sculptor of historical figures.
C. Pioneered modern abstract art in the 1950s.
D. Pioneered modern Inuit art with etchings, prints and soapstone sculptures.

10. When did the British Parliament abolished slavery throughout the Empire?
A. 1823
B. 1833
C. 1843
D. 1853

11. What did we call the people loyal to the Crown?
A. Soldiers.
B. Quebecer.
C. First Nations.
D. Loyalists.

12. Who led an armed uprising and seized Fort Garry in 1869?
A. Louis Riel
B. Sir Sam Steele
C. Gabriel Dumont
D. Major-General Sir Isaac Brock

13. How many provinces and territories do Canada has?
A. 9 provinces and 3 territories
B. 9 provinces and 4 territories
C. 10 provinces and 4 territories
D. 10 provinces and  3 territories

14. What is the first two lines of 'O Canada'?
A. O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command
B. O Canada! Our home and native land! We stand on guard for thee
C. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
D. O Canada! Our home and native land! The true North strong and free!

15. When is Canada Day?
A. 9 April
B. 1 January
C. 1 July
D. 11 November

16. Which sport is Canada's official summer sport?
A. Lacrosse
B. Soccer
C. Curling
D. Canadian football

17. Who supported British soldiers in Canada's defence America in year 1812?
A. Lord Durham
B. The Duke of Wellington
C. Lieutenant-Colonel Charles de Salaberry
D. Shawnee led by Chef Tecumseh

18. What is the noble way to contribute to Canada?
A. Serve in the regular Canadian Forces.
B. Serve in your community as volunteer.
C. Serve in the emergency services as volunteer.
D. Serve in the police force as volunteer.

19. What is the national motto?
A. A mari usque ad mire
B. A meri usque ad mare
C. A mari usque ad mare
D. A mari usque ad maie

20 Who was the key architect of Confederation from Quebec?
A. Sir George-Étienne Cartier
B. Sir John Alexander Macdonald
C. Sir Leonard Tilley
D. Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché

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