Canadian Citizenship Preparation Test 25

How to prepare Canadian Citizenship Test

1. When did Aboriginal peoples grant the right to vote?
A. 1940
B. 1948
C. 1960
D. 1966

2. When did the name Canada become official?
A. 1758
B. 1773
C. 1785
D. 1791

3. Who was the Metis greatest military leader?
A. Gabriel Dumont
B. Sir Sam Steele
C. Sir Arthur Currie
D. Corporal Filip Konowal

4. What is the Canada's legal system based on?
A. Democratic principles
B. Rule of law and freedom under the law
C. Due process
D. All of the above

5. Who was the last Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross?
A. Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray
B. Billy Bishop
C. Lieutenant Alexander Roberts Dunn
D. Paul Triquet

6. Who was the director of the Canadian Pacific Railway?
A. Agnes Macphail
B. John Cabot
C. Donald Smith
D. Matthew Evans

7. What did the native peoples not do on their lands?
A. Hunting
B. Raising Crops
C. Gathering
D. All of the above

8. Who invented the electric light bulb?
A. Matthew Evans and Henry Woodward
B. Joseph-Armand Bombardier
C. Alexander Graham Bell
D. Reginald Fessenden

9. Who became Canada's first Prime Minister in 1867?
A. Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché
B. Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine
C. Sir George-Étienne Cartier
D. Sir John Alexander Macdonald

10. What was common among Aboriginal groups competed for land, resources and prestige?
A. Discussion
B. Warfare
C. Money
D. Game

11. What is Residential Schools?
A. Educate and assimilate all children into mainstream Aboriginal culture.
B. Educate and assimilate white children into mainstream Canadian culture.
C. Educate and assimilate Aboriginal children into mainstream Canadian culture.
D. Educate and assimilate Aboriginal children into mainstream Aboriginal culture.

12. Which province has the longest continuous multispan bridges in the world?
A. Nova Scotia
B. Prince Edward Island
C. Quebec
D. New Brunswick

13. What year did the name of Canada began appearing on maps?
A. 1510s
B. 1530s
C. 1550s
D. 1570s

14. Which province was the birthplace of Confederation?
A. Quebec
B. Prince Edward Island
C. Ontario
D. Alberta

15. Which media are being used to announce the official election results?
A. Radio, television and newspaper
B. Radio, television and magazine
C. Internet, television and newspaper
D. Internet, television and newspaper

16. What is the last step of a bill becomes law?
A. Report Stage
B. Senate
C. Committee Stage
D. Royal Assent

17. What was Underground Railroad?
A. A Great British slavery network
B. A France anti-slavery network
C. An United State slavery network
D. A Christian anti-slavery network

18. What did Canadian troops do on D-Day?
A. Captured Juno Beach
B. Captured Juno Breach
C. Captured  Duno Beach
D. Captured Duno Breach

19. What is the capital of Canada?
A. Toronto
B. Ottawa
C. Vancouver
D. Victoria

20. When was the Old Age Security introduced?
A. 1827
B. 1847
C. 1947
D. 1927

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